The Briar Hill Practice Facility

Ferris Avenue between 40th and 48th Streets

Fremont, MI

The thunderstorm ended as abruptly as it had begun a half an hour before. In the following quiet the ambient sounds are magnified by water-laden air. A thrush in the fence row along the hillside, the ring of an Amish dinner bell in the distance, the whinny of a horse across the road, the clopping of another pulling a farm wagon in response to the bell. In the pasture to the north a group of working horses stand in a circle, nose to nose, under a wide oak. What could this meeting be about? Do horses pray? Then, without obvious reason, the meeting adjourns, the members wander off to graze their own favorite spot (or to contemplate the items on the agenda privately). Far off in the alfalfa field to the south, several tan colored dots can be seen among the new bales of hay. One of them moves, deer pausing for a snack before moving back into the forest to bed. Are there six? No, seven. No, eight. I didn’t see the sentinel higher up the ridge. Sunset moves slowly, the horizon burns softly, Venus winks on in the west. Time to turn on the irrigation and close up the range for another night. Visit Briar Hill’s practice facility soon. It’s a lot more than just hitting golf balls.