Here is a page of images from Briar Hill Golf Course that have been saved in an 800 X 600 pixel "jpg" format that is suitable for use as wallpaper on your computer.  Click on the small image of your choice.  When the full sized version of the photo opens up click on the right mouse button and choose "Save As Wallpaper".

bhwall4.jpg (50785 bytes)  This is a nice view from the 4th tee.

From the 3rd green looking back toward the tee. fountain.jpg (27905 bytes) 

flowers.jpg (53007 bytes) Some of plantings near the 3rd tee.

Found this on a calendar. missed.jpg (93351 bytes)

A great view from the 3rd tee. h03a.jpg (69495 bytes)

bha.jpg (67316 bytes) Briar Hill from space.

A Briar Hill sky skyback.jpg (11561 bytes)

Here are 3 varieties of "Clematis from our master gardener, John Brewster:

Clematis2.jpg (74263 bytes) Clematis3.jpg (79205 bytes)

"Morning Glories" from John Brewster

mglories1.jpg (121503 bytes) mglories2.jpg (136681 bytes) mglories3.jpg (119604 bytes)